Yandex Metrika
The Children's Choir of Saint Elisabeth Convent

Our choir started its singing career with regular rehearsals and singing at the Convent services. This has had a great influence on our repertoire and the artistic identity of the choir. We rehearsed extensively to make our voices sound harmoniously...

Later we began to select songs that we thought were appropriate for short postcommunion concerts that we sang on Patronal feasts. This practice has borne fruit and today Rejoice Choir performs at concerts both in Minsk and other domestic and foreign cities.

The choir team has changed over the years, but the main "backbone" has always remained. It should be noted that the unifying and central aspect of the choir's life is singing at services, prayer, and Communion.

"Staying together helps us to be better versions of ourselves." This is the shortest motto to describe us.

The choir members often celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries together. This also contributes to team building. The singing repertoire is regularly updated, although its liturgical side remains focused on Valaam, Byzantine, and Znamenny chants.

Repentance and prayer, sorrow and joy, suffering and love — all these themes are closely intertwined in the songwriting of our people, and from this trove we draw inspiration. We learn new songs, hone the performance and convey the innermost to our listeners. To bring people joy, while rejoicing ourselves is the task that the choir members view as their main mission.