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Let’s be vessels of God’s grace

Together we can do much more in 2023 than alone.

In her life of service to our Lord, Our Holy Patron, the Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elisabeth, aimed to be ‘not a part of this world, and at the same time to live and act in this world in order to transform it.” Consistent with this vision, we conduct our ministries at the following locations:

  • National Mental Health Clinic: total number of patients is 1700, including adults and children with mental conditions;
  • General Hospital № 2: 1000 adult patients, including with serious and critical conditions;
  • Inpatient clinic of the Tuberculosis dispensary: adult and child patients diagnosed with tuberculosis.

We attend to the spiritual and companionship needs of the long-term patients, working to strengthen the patient’s spirit, thus aiding their healing or coping with their disease.

  • Care home for disabled children: provides long-term care for 300 children aged 7 – 18 with mental and mobility disabilities placed in institutional care
  • Nursing home for adults with mental disabilities: provides care for 800 adult patients with mental disabilities in need of permanent care
  • Rehabilitation centre for children with mental disabilities: provides rehabilitation services for children with mental conditions and advice and support for their families

Worship services and social activities are organized in all three institutions, with everyone encouraged to attend. Some 100 adults and children participate in the services regularly and take part in the Holy Sacraments. Social activities are provided, including classes in drawing and clay modeling, making animation cartoons and fun craft items, and attending a theatrical studio.

  • Two monastic farmsteads offering shelter to disadvantaged men and women: 200 disadvantaged men and 30 disadvantaged women are accommodated at any given moment; they are provided with food, clothing and supported employment mainly in agricultural occupations.
  • Ichthys School: 100 students aged 6 – 13; the school is based at the Convent and offers the standard national curriculum, instruction in the foundations of the Orthodox faith and a wide range of extracurricular activities
  • Educational activity: 200 children attend Sunday school attending classes in scripture knowledge and a variety of activity clubs and studios; we are also active in the education institutions throughout Minsk, engaging in dialogue and exchange with the students.
  • Visiting nurse / caregiving programme: combines spiritual nurturing, psychological support, and everyday assistance for bedridden elderly people. More than 70 clients are receiving care at present.

Your donations will help us expand our ministry by training more sisters and volunteers and acquiring the needed supplies.

From all our heart we thank you for support and keep you in our prayers. “Give, and it will be given to you.“ (Luke 6:38).