Life and deeds of Saint Elisabeth Feodorovna

Saint Elisabeth

St Elisabeth

The patron saint of our Convent new martyr Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna Romanov lived at a time of great upheaval in Russian history. A bloody war, civic strife and a revolution were its hallmarks. People were looking for worldly justice, but their Christian faith weakened, and love was growing scarce. Their hearts hardened, and desperation grew. Amid the sorrows and destruction, Saint Elisabeth Romanov set with her whole life an example of love that melted hardened hearts, of hope that overcame desperation and of forgiveness that triumphed over hate. In this section, you will find stories of her life that touched the hearts of our monastics and lay sisters and influenced their choice of Elisabeth Romanov as the Convent's patron saint. We hope that they will also inspire you to give love, have hope and forgive others.