Churches of Saint Elisabeth Convent

Churches and Relics

church of st elisabeth

As our Convent serves people, we call them to come to our churches. Here a person meets with Christ, for He is always present when at least two people gather in His name. Our souls find healing in the church, and the doctor is the Lord himself. Only here a person receives hope, finds consolation, and starts to feel God’s love.

We call people to the churches with the beauty of their architectural forms and interior decoration, which remind us of the endless glory of eternal life in God. The majestic domes of our main cathedrals, their graceful outlines, the play of light in stained glass created by the devoted work of our masters, the murals in stone mosaics all are instances of this glory with which we come into contact at the church services. “The brilliance of the churches brings the Truth to the people, - says nun Euphrosyne, the abbess of our Convent."The people who come to a Convent and see all this beauty will want to come to the church more often and will be inspired to build a relationship with God."

Church of Reigning icon photos

Opening the doors to all and rejoicing in everyone who comes, we constantly remember those who cannot come to us for some reason. Many of them are patients in psychiatric and tuberculosis clinics, nursing homes for the disabled, or hospitals. We conduct our ministry among them to let them attend worship services and participate in the holy sacraments. To this end, we have established chapels (or domestic churches) in these institutions in coordination with their administrations. They bear the name of the saints known for their pastoral care for the suffering and the needy.

In our churches, you will find many relics and famous icons that deserve your attention. We describe them in detail in this section. But we invite you to visit us not only to see these exceptional objects of worship but above all to participate in the communal prayer, which can work miracles. The famous Irish writer Michael Harding, who visited our Convent, said of the service in the church: "I came here, to the Convent of St. Elisabeth, solely for the sake of liturgy. Because liturgy is the lived Truth, not just the mention of it."