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St Nicholas Church of St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk

St Nicholas Church


Patron Saint's Day: May 22, December 19

The construction of the Convent started with the church in honour of St Nicholas the Wonderworker. The foundation of the new church was laid on the plot of land allocated by the head doctor of the National Psychiatric Clinic (currently The National Applied Research Centre of Mental Health) A.T. Zorko near the hospital wall. The patients of the psychiatric clinic, as well as everyone willing to donate their time and effort to the godly cause, were the first builders of the Convent.

Saint Nicolas Church minsk

The church was consecrated on December 10, 1999, a year after its construction began. This church was built according to the project by N.M. Diadko, following the traditions of the Ancient Russian sacred architecture. An ancient icon of St Nicholas with a particle of his relics is one of the most precious objects in this church. This icon has a silver cover made using the donations of the parishioners.

icon of saint nicholas

There are many holy objects such as icons with particles of the relics of God's saints in this church:

  • Relics of St Nicholas;
  • St Seraphim of Sarov;
  • St Euphrosyne of Polotsk;
  • St Gabriel of Białystok;
  • St Symeon of Verkhoturye
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