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The Cross is a weapon against the devil. It is the lighthouse that helps us find our way in the sea of earthly troubles. The Cross is love that enables us to live and learn to love one another. Read full
Meditation is when a person attempts to climb into Heaven using his own power and pride. Meanwhile, prayer is all about trust in God. We ask God for mercy and love – and God hears us. Read full
Loneliness can be a step towards our sanctity if we see it as our God-given opportunity to turn to Him in prayer and to restore our unity with Him. Read full
The day of Easter is not a 100% guarantee of free entry into Paradise. However, when a believer who goes to church regularly dies on Easter day, it does matter for his soul. Read full
Darkness can’t coexist with love and light. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (Cf. Matthew 6: 24). You can’t divide your heart and your life. You’ve got to choose yes or no. Read full
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