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The attributes of monastic life that can strengthen a family

How can we establish a monastic atmosphere in our home - and keep it?

monastic atmosphere at home

Question: How can we establish a monastic atmosphere in our home - and keep it?

Answer: Love each other. When love reigns between you as parents, your children love and respect their parents, and you have supportive relationships, you almost have the atmosphere of a monastery. Eventually, you might succeed in establishing the first Orthodox monastery in Indonesia: you have the desire and capability, and you both live in chastity. If that is your wish, keep your dream alive and pray for God's help in establishing a monastery in Indonesia. Others might wish to join you. You might begin to spread the Orthodox faith among Indonesians someday and become equal to the apostles. Tread along without fear, and believe in the best. When we were building our Convent, many priests called me mad and said I would fail because we had no money. But God provided us with the funds, even though our idea seemed like madness. In faraway Indonesia, you too could create a monastery with a school that awards school-leaving certificates. Keep your dreams alive, do not be afraid to act, and be prepared to work hard.

Archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok

August 16, 2022
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