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A Fragment from the Rite of Forgiveness Service

Adam's Lament. Orthodox Great Lent Chant

March 07, 2023

This is a fragment from the Rite of Forgiveness service. The chant is performed by the Monastic Choir of St. Elisabeth Convent.

The original text of the Chant:
Adam sat opposite Paradise and, lamenting his nakedness, he wept: ‘Woe is me ! By evil deceit was I persuaded and robbed, and exiled far from glory. Woe is me ! Once naked in my simplicity, now I am in want. But, Paradise, no longer shall I enjoy your delight; no more shall I look upon the Lord my God and Maker, for I shall return to the earth whence I was taken. Merciful and compassionate Lord, I cry to you, ‘Have mercy on me who am fallen’.

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