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I am over 50. Am I too old to be accepted into a convent?

Am I Too Old to Be Accepted into a Convent?

desire to join the convent

Question: I am a Russian Orthodox Christian. For quite a number of years I have seen the need for a change in my life so that I can find spiritual peace, the way our holy fathers describe it. The thought of becoming a nun does not leave me. I am It hasn't left me for many years now. I am over 50. Am I too old to be accepted into a convent?

Answer: Indeed, you could be of great service; we have a close-knit community of teachers. Admittedly, 50+ years is quite advanced in age for such a life change, to speak truthfully. However, we have a nun who is 87 years old, currently speaking on the "Spas" channel in Russia and attending exhibitions. This 87-year-old nun is more productive for the monastery than even some younger ones who are unaccustomed to life's hardships. Moreover, it is clear that you wish to serve God. Given that you are an elementary school teacher, we could even consider accepting you in advance. It would be prudent to examine your disposition and character to see how prepared you truly are to serve God earnestly.

June 13, 2024
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