Belarusian Draniki Recipe

Convent's Recipes: Belarusian Draniki

June 29, 2022

Hello dear friends. I'm Sister Tatiana from St. Elisabeth Convent. Today we will prepare something that everyone likes. At least I have not met such people who would not like Belarusian draniki. And we will cook them from the simplest products: from potatoes, onions, salt and oil. We will eat them with sour cream. Let's start cooking by grating onion. It is necessary to grate only with this fine grater. People call it potato grater. That is, the guarantor of delicious draniki is precisely a fine grater. We grate the onion first, so that later, when grating the potatoes, the potato mass does not darken. New potato is good because it does not darken as quickly as old winter potato, that is why we took it for our draniki. Of course, it is better to use starchy varieties of potatoes. As we grate the potatoes, we mix this mass with the onion, which is at the bottom, again and again, and the mass remains light. Look what a beautiful color! And the old potatoes darken right in the process of grating.

belarusian draniki recipe

Of course, it is much easier to grate potatoes with the help of a food processor. For convenience, I cut the potatoes in half. We put our potatoes into the main bowl and add a teaspoon of salt or to taste. And mix everything. We do not add flour and eggs. There is a recipe for draniki with eggs and flour, and they are good and tasty in their own way. But this recipe is classic and you can cook it both on a fast day and on a non-fast day. We need to remove excess moisture from the potato mass. We put it on a sieve for just a couple of minutes and then mix it. Since the potato is new, a lot of liquid comes out. Without excess moisture, draniki will keep their shape well even without flour. You will feel the real taste of potatoes! We will get real draniki, not potato pancakes. I add 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the potato mass. We add oil so that draniki are better fried inside. Inside the draniki will be soft, but they will have a crispy crust. We remove the excess liquid, and return the starch that remains on the bottom to our potato mass. Mix everything well.

I will put the finished draniki on a paper towel, so that the excess fat is absorbed. We oil a pre-heated frying pan and pour our potato mass. Use medium heat. When we see such a golden crust, we turn them over.

And this how they look like. Such sunny dish! And now we will prepare them for serving. It is best to eat draniki with sour cream. You can sprinkle them with herbs.

So cook draniki and call you friends! Enjoy your meal!

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