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Nativity Scene Art in the Works of Convent's Artisans

Christmas and Nativity Scenes in the Artworks of Convent's Artisans

Christmas and Nativity Scenes

Christmas can indeed be called the most beloved holiday of all Christians. It’s full of exciting hopes, an expectation of miracles, and the fulfillment of cherished dreams. The feeling of life renewal to come after the Nativity of Christ night brightens up the days before the festive event, bringing joy to life as we think about it. Christmas is associated with the lightest thoughts and aspirations.

It's hard to imagine an event that inspires artists more than the Nativity of Christ and its miracle. From ancient times to the present day, it has awakened in people the brightest and kindest feelings, and in those involved in art has inspired the need to create, spreading the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ into our world.

Saint Elisabeth’s Convent artisans also have their inspiration from Christmas, embodying its plots into their Nativity scene art. They work with love and passion to create a variety of masterpieces with Nativity scenes for Christmas. These include icons, paintings, panels, crockery sets, matryoshkas, wooden boxes (including musical ones), candlesticks, and much more. In our Catalog, you can find many gorgeous handmade Christmas-themed items for your home, as well as choose gifts for your family and loved ones. By purchasing any of the Nativity scene craft of our monastery's masters, you donate money to charity, doing a good deed to benefit those in need.

Here are a few Christmas gifts ideas that any believer would be delighted with.

1. Christmas nesting dolls

Christmas nesting dolls

Hand-painted by our artisans, this Christmas nesting doll set includes an angel, the Mother of God with Jesus, Saint Joseph, a sheep, and a star. These dolls will become a real family treasure for any religious person, which will be passed down from generation to generation.

2. A stone icon representing the scene of Christ's birth

A stone icon representing the scene of Christ's birth

A handmade icon made of semi-precious stones will undoubtedly take a special place in any family's home. Our artisans create each icon by hand, with the deepest love for the Lord our God.

3. Wooden box representing the Nativity of Christ

Wooden box representing the Nativity of Christ

The unique and lovely plywood boxes are all hand-painted. Such a box can be used to store religious items, jewelry, art supplies, and so on.

4. Carved Nativity scene installation

Carved Nativity scene installation

This handmade carved Nativity scene with hand-painted creche figures and meaningful events from the Gospel will become a soulful Christmas gift for everyone.

5. Nativity dishes set

Nativity dishes set

Anyone will undoubtedly appreciate ceramic pottery from our artisans. Especially this lovely set with the scene of the Nativity of Christ. Such handmade dishes would be an excellent gift for Christmas. It will make winter tea drinking much cozier and become a perfect kitchen decoration.

The Nativity Fast is coming soon, dear brothers and sisters. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a blessed fasting! May your soul always be filled with love and faith in the Lord our God! Remember, the Nativity of Christ is a time to share kindness and care with people around us and to commit gracious actions more than ever.

November 09, 2022
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