How Christ's entry into Jerusalem still changes our world

Embracing Christ to live by the commandments of His love

April 21, 2022

sermon palm sunday

We are cheering Christ as He enters into Jerusalem. He has not arrived in a chariot, or a limousine, not even on a colt. He came on a donkey. We need to be like children to believe it. He entered as King, but not the King that the world will agree to accept, for He undermines the foundation of sin on which it stands. Christ opens new horizons. He brings us to a new life and fills it with a new purpose and meaning.

And so the world sent Christ to the Golgotha. He died on the Cross between two robbers, but He came out with a victory. He humbled his enemies as they were still dividing His belongings among themselves. He died for the eternal salvation of our souls, and He gave us life. He is the King we are greeting today. He governs by the commandments of love, not the laws of this world.

Yet billions in this world are still living without Christ. An incredible number! And can we even dare to imagine what is happening in their minds? They disbelieve in everlasting life. They still cling to all things perishable and finite, but soon they will have little to hold on to. In the absence of God and His Divine Love, things lose their value and become worthless.

But His Divine Love continues to nourish us and keep us strong. It gives us the strength to rejoice in God, even when in great difficulty. It takes remarkable courage to rejoice in God no matter what. So may we all continue to rejoice and have His help. As you take the branches of the pussy willows to your homes, remember the Divine Love that the Lord sheds on us so generously at church. Let us pass it around, carry each others' burdens and live by the commandments of Christ.

May God save and protect us all!

Archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok

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