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Orthodox song by Children's Choir of St. Elisabeth Convent

«Grant me, O Lord, grace»

February 15, 2023

An orthodox song «Grant me, O Lord, grace» is performed by the Children's Orthodox Choir of St. Elisabeth Convent. The children's choir was created in October 2015 with the blessing of the Convent’s spiritual father archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok. The founder and conductor of the choir is matushka Maria Bakhvalova. Choir members are the children of the convent's parishioners, girls and boys aged 7 to 16.

Grant me, O Lord, grace, so that I never lose heart and faint in faith.
Grant me, O Lord, grace, so that I never dissemble and lie, so that I live by truth and become truth.
Grant me, O Lord, grace not to judge anyone and to consider myself worse than everyone else.
Grant me, O Lord, grace to despise the enemy's fears and tremble only before You.
Grant me, O Lord, grace so that I do not seek honor for myself and glorify Your strength.
Grant me, O Lord, grace to kindle my heart with faith and proclaim the joy of the Spirit.
Grant me, O Lord, grace to take someone else's pain in the heart and compassion and comfort.
Mother of God, grant me the thirst for grace.
Grant me, O Lord, grace...

Our Children's Choir has graced venues as revered as the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra, sung in the serene Optina Desert, and performed within the historic walls of the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow. These enriching experiences were made possible through your unwavering support and generosity. 

Now, these young choristers dream of a pilgrimage to St. Petersburg, to immerse themselves in its sacred heritage by visiting the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra, marvelling at the Church of the Saviour on the Blood, and offering prayers at the relics of Righteous John of Kronstadt and Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg. Such a journey promises to expand their spiritual and cultural horizons.

We kindly invite you to support their aspirations once more. Your contributions will directly fund this inspirational trip. When donating, please indicate your gift is "for the children's choir."

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