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Rules for Visitors

Ground rules for visitors staying at the guest house

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  1. At check-in, visitors must show a valid passport and fill out the guest information card.
  2. Organised groups of visitors provide a list of group members with their passport data and a guest information card completed for the group leader. Visitors who do not travel as groups complete their guest information cards individually.
  3. A travel authorisation from the diocese administration is required for active members of the clergy. Monastics (not members of the clergy) must show a travel authorisation from their monasteries.
  4. Please help us keep the area clean and tidy. Dress appropriately. A long skirt and a headscarf are required for women.
  5. Life at the Convent is structured according to the monastic rule. Visitors may not interfere with its observance.
  6. Only tour guides authorised by the Convent may conduct guided tours on its grounds. To book your tour, contact our visitor centre.
  7. The following behaviours are prohibited on the grounds of the Convent and in the guest house rooms:
    1. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages;
    2. Playing cards and electronic games
    3. Swearing, using foul language;
    4. Having visitors in the guest rooms;
    5. Using water boiling coils and equipment other than that available in the rooms.
  8. Please observe reverent silence and quietness.
  9. Turn off the lights and lock your door when you leave your room. Leave your key with the sister at the reception as you go outside. Visitors who lose their room keys will be asked to reimburse cost of the keys and the lock.
  10. Visitors are asked to bring a second pair of shoes to wear indoors.
  11. Visitors must:
    • Keep the rooms tidy;
    • Refrain from putting waste in the toilets and any other actions that may damage the toilet equipment;
    • Refrain from consuming food in the rooms.
  12. The Convent will not be responsible for the theft or loss of any property or personal belongings.
  13. Visitors engaging in behaviours listed in 7.1 - 7.5 will be asked to leave the guest house immediately.
  14. All queries from organised groups shall be resolved directly between the senior sister in charge of the guest house and the group leader.
  15. Pets are not allowed on the premises of the guest centre.
  16. The Convent may deny service to groups and individual visitors with records of violating these ground rules.
  17. At departure, visitors must leave their keys with the sister at the reception or the senior sister of the guest house who will inspect the integrity of the furniture, toilet equipment and other property in the room. Visitors must repay the full cost of any damage to the Convent's property.
  18. Visitors may not change rooms or use common spaces on other floors without prior permission.
September 16, 2021
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