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The Life of the Eighth Minor Prophet of the Bible

Habakkuk, the Divinely Eloquent Prophet

Habakkuk prophet

He was the eighth of the twelve minor prophets who lived around 650 BC. He foretold the devastation of the Jerusalem Temple, the Babylonian captivity of the Jews and their return to their homeland. He wrote the book of Habakkuk of the Old Testament, which is our main source of information about his life.

We know him as a descendant of the tribe of Simeon who took refuge in Arabia during the assault of the Babylonian armies on the Jewish Kingdom. In the Bible (Daniel 14:33 – 37), we read about a miracle that happened to the prophet. During his stay in Arabia, he met an angel of the Lord as he was bringing food to the reapers. The angel transported him to Babylon where the Prophet Daniel was suffering in captivity. That way, the food intended for the reapers alleviated the hunger of the Prophet Daniel and lifted his spirit.

His book of Habakkuk is a conversation between God and one of His Children. It reflects the doubts in His righteousness that had spread across large sections of the Kingdom of Judah. He begins by asking God why He was doing nothing about the wickedness and oppression that had overwhelmed the Kingdom. Learning that God was preparing to take action and use the ruthless infidels, the Babylonians, as His weapon, he was even more perplexed. He hears from God all the answers and learns to surrender himself to His will and exercise patience in His faith. He ends with a heartfelt confession of his faith.

The Prophet Habakkuk lived to his old age and died in his homeland. His relics were discovered during the reign of the Roman Emperor Theodosius.

December 15, 2023
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