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Honouring Fr. Valery's Name Day

Happy Name Day, Dear Father Valery!

On this day, 22 March, as we honour the memory of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste, our Convent also celebrates the Name Day of Father Valery Zakharov, a dedicated priest who has been with us since the foundation of our Convent 25 years ago. Throughout his time with us, Father Valery has embraced a wide spectrum of service, starting from foundational tasks like yard cleaning and construction support, to offering compassionate care at the National Mental Health Clinic, several Boarding Homes for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities, and extending his ministry to our two farmsteads providing refuge and rehabilitation for individuals facing homelessness and addiction challenges. Currently, he is particularly dedicated to ministering to children at a designated boarding facility. His deep involvement with the Convent's and the Lay Sisterhood's activities reflects his unwavering commitment to our community.

Father Valery's insights are invariably profound and thoughtful. He recently shared, “While our Convent was constructed in two decades, building the church within our souls is a lifelong endeavour. Ideally, we wish for immediacy and ease, yet it is perhaps the residents of our boarding homes who can most assist us in this spiritual construction. Through their prayers, may the Lord bestow His mercy, grace, and enable us to behold the eternal, unfading light.”

Father Andrey Lemeshonok, our monastery's confessor, offers heartfelt congratulations filled with brotherly love and humour: “We are profoundly thankful to have such exemplary priests. Despite Father Valery's years, he retains a spirited youthfulness and, most crucially, a genuine eagerness to aid those in need. His readiness to assist, often at the expense of his own well-being, and his never-failing availability for confession, are traits we deeply cherish. These reveal that for Father Valery, serving is not merely a part of his life; it is his whole existence”.

We extend our warmest wishes to Father Valery on his Name Day, praying for many more years of his devoted service to God, our community, and the range of support environments aiding those facing disabilities and difficult life situations. Father Valery embodies true pastoral care. His kindness, compassion, and empathy are widely recognized and appreciated by all who know him.

As we and the Monastery's extended family celebrate Father Valery and all who share his name, we invite you to join our felicitations! The most meaningful tribute to Father Valery would be your prayers and support for the children at the orphanage he serves. Let’s brighten their Easter with your generous gifts!

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March 20, 2024
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