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A Most Venerated Holy Healer in the East and West

Hieromartyr Blaise of Sebaste, Sharing in the Ways of the Apostles


Saint Blaise is venerated in the Eastern and Western churches as a holy healer. Believers invoke his name for protection from wild animals and the healing of illness. Originally from Armenia, he was a doctor by trade. For his piety, kindness and generosity the residents of his city elected him bishop of Sebaste.

At the time, Sebaste’s population was mostly Pagan, and Christians were very few. A bitter prosecution was raging, and Blaise worked tirelessly to cheer up the suffering Christians and help them endure their torments. Eventually, no Christian was left in his city, and the bishop withdrew to a cave on Mount Athos. Sensing a holy man, wild beasts gathered around his sanctuary to receive healing for their ailments. When the persecutors of Christians finally found the saint, they found in his cave a picture from the garden of Eden, where all kinds of beasts were grazing peacefully. The saint welcomed them, saying that he had seen a vision that predicted his discovery.

He was captured and brought back to Sebaste. All the way, his face irradiated so much grace that many who saw him became Christians. Bystanders were healed just by seeing him. At his trial, he denounced the idols and preached Christ, suffering savage beatings. Initially, he was sentenced to be drowned. He came to the waters of a lake, made the sign of the cross and walked into them, inviting Pagans who believed in the power of their Gods to follow him. He reached the middle, but all the Pagans who followed had drowned. He was beheaded in 316.

February 26, 2024
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