The martyrs who refused to defile the name of Christ

33 Martyrs of Melitene – shattering the powerless boldness of demons

November 19, 2021

holy martyrs of melitene

The first of the thirty-three martyrs, Hieron, was a farmer from the Roman region of Cappadocia. Born to a Christian family, he had outstanding physical prowess and led a righteous life. During the reign of Emperor Diocletian, a large detachment of Roman soldiers came to his area to draft all able-bodied men to the Roman Army. Knowing that he would be made to worship Pagan idols, Hieron refused to go and drove the imperial soldiers away with a wooden club. He then hid in a cave together with thirty-two other Christians.

After some time, he surrendered himself up to the governor and announced that he was a believer in Christ. On the orders of the governor, his guards amputated his right hand. They had also seized thirty-two other believers and put him in their midst pending execution. Hieron offered his brethren reassurance and lifted their spirits. All were beheaded in Melitene, Armenia.

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