Living with prayer in the image and likeness of God

How can you learn to practise incessant prayer?


Question: How can you learn to practise incessant prayer and recognise the image of God in every person?

Answer: As you wake up in the morning, thank God for your new day, turn to Him in prayer throughout the day, and ask for His blessing for your every undertaking. Exercise self-control, self-discipline and inner concentration. Keep Him on your mind, and pause regularly to say Jesus' prayer. When you do all that, you engage in incessant prayer; you walk before God. While few can afford to spend the whole day reading prayers from a prayerbook, everyone can dedicate their works to Him and perform their every undertaking in His name. That's how I go about my day: I glorify God with my every action; I do all things by obedience to God and for His sake.

How can you learn to see the image of God in others? You should work hard to keep your thoughts, sensations, sight and hearing pure to have the Lord in your midst. We can relate to one another with kindness or with evil, mistrust or hostility. In the latter case, we will notice the worst in another, and lose sight of God yourself. That way, we will do the other person a disservice. So keep working to see God in every person. If you do, you show your generosity and meet the genuine need of your neighbour.

Archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok

August 17, 2022
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