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How to Feel the Presence of God?

I am Struggling with Feeling God's Presence

a man in the church

Question: I am struggling with feeling God's presence. Could you help me please?

Answer: Keep searching and knocking on the door. Often, we cannot feel God's presence because our inner world is too restless and turbulent. We are constantly rushing, and always running late. However, we must learn to "hurry slowly" and not let life pass us by in a blur. Even when we attend a church service and stand physically present, our minds might be wandering elsewhere. It is not enough to simply be there; we need to focus our minds on our hearts, allowing the words and teachings to resonate deeply within us. This requires significant internal effort, but it is a necessary undertaking for all of us. The lengthy services during these Lenten weeks, for example, offer an opportunity to learn how to control our thoughts and truly stand in God's presence. This period is crucial in our spiritual journey because when everything remains superficial and fails to penetrate our hearts, we miss the essence of even the most mundane matters, treating them with fleeting concern.

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May 10, 2024
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