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An appeal to procure bells for the church at the monastic farmstead

Let the church bells ring to bring hope to disadvantaged women

About thirty disadvantaged women living at our farmstead are working hard to find healing to their souls, rebuild their lives and re-establish unity with God. Their journey is long and arduous, and their progress is uneven. Success is often followed by bitter disappointment. Not losing sight of their destination is hard, and it is even harder not to lose confidence in one's ability to proceed.

Here at the Convent, we have launched a fundraising effort to procure and install at the farmstead's church seven bells, so their joyful chimes can keep up the spirits of the struggling women. We are inviting you to pitch in to let them hear the music of the church bells ringing and the message of hope and reassurance that they bring.

st sergius church

Church in honour of St Sergius of Radonezh

All the requisites are in place – a beautiful church, a spacious bell tower with room for seven bells, and even the skilled and dedicated church ringers. The only thing that is missing are the bells.

In this video, Sister Tatyana, one of the prospective bell ringers, talks about the women residents, the church, the need for the bells and their meaning for the women. You can find out more about the farmstead and the lives of the women who live there by following this link, or click on the banner below if you are ready to make your donation.

banner church bells

For further questions, please contact Sister Tatiana at

We will mention all the names of our givers at our worship services at the Church of Sergius of Radonezh.

June 03, 2021
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