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Моther Superior of St Elisabeth Convent

We Congratulate Our Моther Superior Euphrosyne on Her Name Day

June 04, 2022

According to the Orthodox Calendar, each name day of the year is dedicated to the memory of a saint or martyr; and there are usually more than one on the same day. Each saint or holy person has their own feast day. On that day, Orthodox people all across the world celebrate their name day. The 5th of June is the Day of commemoration of Venerable Euphrosyne, princess of Polotsk (1173). Mother Superior Euphrosyne of St. Elisabeth Convent took her tonsure under the name of Euphrosyne, in honour of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the protectress and intercessor of Belarus (the name "Euphrosyne" translates as "joy"). We heartily congratulate her on her Name Day!

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