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A thank-you video and message to our donors

Music of the bells – the sound of our joint accomplishment

January 24, 2022

At our farmstead for disadvantaged women, this Christmas was very special. For the first time, we sounded the full set of the brand new bells that we bought and installed at our Church of Saint Sergius of Radonezh with your donations.

It gives us great joy to offer you today our thanks and appreciation. Bells are the voice of a temple - so thank you for giving our church a voice. The music of the bells touches hearts, young and old - so thank you for helping us reach out to people's hearts. Bells are the messengers of God - so thank you for helping us make His message heard.

Listen to the joyous music of the bells floating above the nearby fields and villages. It is the sound of our victory. We celebrate your courage, generosity and care, and look forward to many more victories ahead. May our prayers and the chiming of the bells bring courage, goodwill and reassurance to all!

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