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A Monologue about the Myrrhbearing women by Father Rodion Alhovik

Myrrhbearing Women

The women are called the Myrrhbearers because after Christ’s death they went to His tomb in the morning to anoint His body. When they reached the tomb, they saw that He was not there. The angels who were sitting near the tomb told them of His Resurrection and to go to the apostles and tell them about it. This is why God appeared to the women first. Their faith was much stronger after the death of Christ.

The apostles had their earthly plans all the time, they were thinking about certain earthly perspectives, they were hoping for something all the time. During the life of the Savior on earth, they failed to understand why He had come into the world, although they believed, even the Apostle Peter admitted that Christ was God in the name of all the other apostles, that Christ was the Son of God, who came to save us all. However, some human factors eventually prevailed. We see that Apostle Peter betrayed Christ and the apostles were scattered. After the death of Christ, they were so afraid that they could not leave their homes for fear.

While the Myrrhbearing women did not have such a fear. They headed to the tomb and bought the oils on the way there. They did not even think about how they would move the stone to the grave, which was quite large and heavy. They wouldn’t be able to do this on their own. They were not afraid of the guards who might arrested them.

Icon of Myrrhbearing Women

Icon of the myrrh-bearing women in St. Elisabeth Convent's Church of the Reigning Icon of the Mother of God

Thanks to the work of the Myrrhbearing women of the 20th century, the salvation of our church was made possible. If we look at the photos taken in the middle of the 20th century, we will see that there are only young and old women in churches. Because of them, some traditions were preserved in churches. Thanks to them, the churches remained open. Like the Myrrhbearing women, those people were willing to sacrifice their lives, and were not afraid of meeting death. Some of them were punished for their loyalty to Christ, for their faith. They faced hardships and tribulations, but many of them became examples of spiritual strength.

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Therefore, if we look at the church calendar, we will see that almost every day we celebrate the feast of a saint; and if we talk about local saints, then we can say that they are commemorated every day. Most often, these people are martyred women. And these people, who faced various difficulties and challenges for the sake of Christ, often became martyrs not because of their death, but because of the way they lived.

And it is very important that a person, a woman, continues to be a living example of Christian virtues. The thing is that today some external factors come first and often, they are not moral, but rather immoral. And it happens that these external factors begin to dictate conditions for the whole world. The world does not want to show a woman’s open heart, but her naked body. Instead of showing true beauty, the world displays some vile and opposite qualities that a woman can discover in this world.

a sister of mercy
sisters of mercy

Lay sisters fulfilling their daily responsibilities

Women often suffer. Not having a husband, not having children, not having a job, etc. But if a person takes the initiative, they will see that today there are countless people who need love. And if a person expresses his love, he will become truly free and happy.

That’s why I wish all women to open their hearts to God and become the joyful Myrrhbearers.

May 17, 2024
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