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How we prepare to Palm Sunday

Nun Olga speaks on celebrating Palm Sunday

April 06, 2023

Palm Sunday is the first harbinger of Easter, because on this day the Church celebrates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The preparations start about a The entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem is also called Palm Sunday. As He rode into the city, the people greeted Him. They waved palm branches which they held in their hands.

Palm Sunday is a beloved Christian feast among many Belarusians. However, because there are no palms in Belarus, people come to church with branches of willows. They wave them to give their joyous welcome to Christ, invisibly present in our midst.

But where do people get their willow bundles? Gone are the days when they would go out and cut the willows themselves. Our sisters do it for them, tie the willow branches into bundles and hand them out to everyone who asks. To have enough for everyone, they need to start preparing at least one month in advance. During this period, every extra pair of hands is precious. Listen to Nun Olga, a focal point in our preparations for many years. She explains why her job matters and how it brings joy to the people.

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