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The Christian view of human freedom

Obedience to God – our way to freedom

February 17, 2022

From a secular perspective, obedience seems more a limitation than a thing to be desired. Many regard it as an intrusion in our freedom to do whatever we choose to pursue our desires and ambitions. Yet, to Christian, freedom means to choose goodness and truth above everything else, which means to submit ourselves to the will of God. Christ gave us a model of obedience by dying on the Cross for our salvation.

In this fragment, Father Andrey Lemeshonok calls us to follow the example of Christ to obtain salvation and inherit His Kingdom. He shows how we can obey the will of God by being His servants and projecting His love on others. Of course, such obedience will cause us difficulty and even pain in our earthly lives, but it will make us heirs to His promised Kingdom.

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