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Online Festival of Orthodox Artists features artwork from our Convent

Convent presents its artwork in an online art festival

orthodoxarts festival

From 17 to 26 September, Saint Elisabeth Convent takes part in the online festival of Orthodox artists, an annual Internet event aiming to share with the world the love, dedication and inspiration of its participants emanating from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Participation is open to artists from a variety of areas, including Visual Arts, Iconography, Church Architecture, Interior Design, and Liturgical Church Furniture, Music, Chant, Film, Theater, and Literature.

Arts and culture take a prominent place in the life of Saint Elisabeth Convent. Many of its monastics come from artistic backgrounds. Everyone in our community is encouraged to use and develop their talents by singing in our choirs and trying their hand in different artistic pursuits. We use arts extensively in our social ministry among children and adults with disabilities, disadvantaged men and women at our farmsteads, and the students of our school.

Works of art are the products of our numerous workshops that provide a livelihood for our workers and a way for us to share with you our talent and love of Christ. Hundreds of them are on display in our product catalogue and can be ordered online.

This year, we submit to the judges' panel three hand-painted icons from our workshops, three recordings of the chants performed by the Monastic Choir of St Elisabeth Convent, and a documentary about the Lay Sisterhood of St Elisabeth.

We are excited to display our talents and accomplishments in the great company of such renowned names as Jonathan Jackson, a five-time Emmy Award-winning actor, writer, and musician, the Author Paul Kingsnorth, the Painter and Iconographer George Kordis, the President of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens Nektaria Karantzi, Vassilis Tsambropoulos the Artistic Director and Principal Soloist of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens, as well as many other great artists and experts in their field. The Festival is blessed and supported by His Eminence Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain Nikitas and the Brotherhood of the Orthodox Mission Abroad.

More information about the Orthodox Arts Festival is available from its official website: For more details on arts in the life of our monastery, please refer to the official website of Saint Elisabeth Convent.

September 16, 2021
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