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Our Convent at the Online Orthodox Arts Festival 2022

Support Our Convent at the Orthodox Arts Festival 2022

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The life of a monastic or lay sister at Saint Elisabeth convent is rich with cultural and artistic engagements. There are several choirs, two icon painting studios and plenty of workshops at our convent, where sisters apply their talents, exchange experiences and learn from one another. It is always a joy for every workshop and an artistic group to display their skills and products to a broader audience.

One of the highlights of this autumn is the online Orthodox Arts Festival. This festival gathers Christian musicians, artists, filmmakers and artisans from all over the world in the online space. The festival opens on the September 17th and includes online exhibitions and meet-ups, as well as voting in 6 categories.

This year Saint Elisabeth convent is represented by Nun Maria Egereva in the Iconography category, both the Monastic choir and the choir Rejoice in the Church music category, and the Mission of Saint Elisabeth convent in the Film category.

Sisters are looking forward to meeting you at the Orthodox Arts Festival 2022.

Visit the website and support our nominees by voting for them!

August 31, 2022
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