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A collection of Christmas chants and carols from St. Elisabeth Convent

Our musical greetings to you this Christmas season

December 25, 2021

The Christmas season is when we wait in anticipation for the coming into the world of the Christ Child. It is a shared tradition of the Christian world to spend this time singing Christmas chants and carols, glorifying the baby Christ and the Most Pure Theotokos. Eastern Orthodoxy shares this well-established tradition, enjoyed by adults and children alike. Experts compare it to popular Christian scholarship, as the texts of the Christmas chants are a narrative of the events that preceded the Nativity of Jesus.

But carols also convey our expectation of a miracle, an outpouring of kindness and fulfilment of our brightest and most coveted wishes on Christmas day. For many of our readers, it is almost there. Here is a small collection of popular Christmas carols from Belarus brought to you by the brothers and sisters of Saint Elisabeth Convent. We wish you a wonderful Christmas season and a merry Christmas to all who are preparing to celebrate it in the coming days.

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