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Pilgrim’s Songs, Music Album and Musical Score

Pilgrim’s Songs
Music Album and Musical Score

Pilgrim’s Songs

Due to the collaboration of the monastic choir and the festive chorus from St. Elisabeth Convent, this record is special. The festive choir backs up the monastery sisters as they lead the chant in two or three voices, replicating the sound of a harp or a guitar that is common to this style.

This digital present includes:

  • Music Album MP3 "You Simply Have To Love"
  • E-book with musical scores, original and English-translated lyrics of the songs

From Slavic folklore and Tchaikovsky's music to music composed by Saint Nectarios of Aegina, Hieromonk Roman, Archdeacon Roman, Sisters and Nuns of our Convent, this CD includes a range of styles. Since the choir conductor of St. Elisabeth Convent Nun Juliania made arrangements for the most of the songs, they all sound like one cohesive piece, being easy and relaxing to listen to.

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