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The Meaning of Pleasure in the Church Life

What is the Proper Use of Pleasure for the Orthodox Christian?


Question: I read often about not being deceived about the illusion of pleasure in this world. But what is the proper use of pleasure for the Orthodox Christian?

Answer: In this world, there are many pleasures. Many things come in colourful wrappings. For a diabetic, sweets have a nice look and taste but can cause him harm. Conversely, a bitter medicine or a painful injection will improve his situation. Our human condition is similar to that of this diabetic. Many are attached to their earthly joys so much that they cannot imagine their lives without them. But their significance diminishes as we become more mature in the spirit and learn to look toward Heaven. Who will not admire the rich colours of the spring and summer? But only a few months later, the plants and trees will shed their leaves and wither - until the next spring. For a  Christian, it is always important to keep God in the heart and mind in all his joys.  How should we fast? Elder Silouan gave this advice on fasting: eat enough to be able to pray after your meal. It is wrong to eat so much that you cannot stand up and pray after the meal. Such as his spiritual understanding of the fast. I think he advised wisely because we should do everything in moderation. Too much enjoyment makes us bored and depressed. Many people are so rich that they can afford almost anything, but that does not make them happy. Some are so unhappy that they kill themselves. Material wealth does not bring us salvation; it is only good enough to give us pleasure but not the joy of Heaven that our immortal soul thirsts for.

Archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok

June 22, 2022
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