The spiritual children of Elder Paisios remember their Easter with him

Remembering an Easter with Elder Paisios

Elder Paisios

The cell of the Venerable Elder Paisios

On the Easter day of 1982, two monks and spiritual children of Elder Paisios came to the Ravdukhos kaliva in order to greet the elder Deacon John and sing the Paschal troparion. Father John asked them if they had celebrated Easter in the cell of Elder Paisios.

– No, – they replied. – We celebrated Easter in Koutloumousiou. The Elder was with us.

In bewilderment, Father John told them what had happened. Together with the other monks, they celebrated Easter a neighbouring cell. When they were already leaving, they noticed that a great number of candles illuminated the Panagouda kaliva where Elder Paisios lived. The whole cell was basking in light. It was an extraordinary gleaming sight! Impressed by what he saw, Elder John said to the brethren, “Look how solemnly Elder Paisios is celebrating Easter while we finished so early."

As it turned out however, there was no one in the Panagouda on that Easter night, not even the Elder himself. No one knows where that light came from. When the Elder heard about this, he humbly replied, “This happened by God's Providence as a message to Father John. Some visitors going to my cell come to him and disturb him, asking how to get there. Perhaps, at some point he grumbled or became indignant, as any normal person would. This is why God showed him this Light.”

The Life of the Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain. Part 1


May 10, 2022
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