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The Saint Who Set an Example in Christian Ministry

Saint Anastasia, Pouring Forth Healings into the World

Saint Anastasia

Great Martyr Anastasia takes a prominent position in the synaxis of the Church's saints. She set an example of Christian ministry and brought many people to Christ. Multiple Christian ascetics have emulated her feat.

She knew the secrets of medicines and was also known for her ability to treat poisonings. Saint John Damascene, Theodore Studitis and Joseph the Hymnwriter wrote hymns to her. In one of the hymns, her talents are praised in this way: “Medicines that flow from the secrets of souls and bodies heal passions and sufferings, oh Anastasia, the divine energy; by your grace we are all preached”.

She lived in the third century during the reign of Emperor Diocletian, known for his fierce persecution of Christians. Her mother, a devout Christian, instructed her in the faith, and Anastacia became a Christian as a young girl. Her father was a Pagan. When her mother died, he married her off to a Pagan husband. In marriage, he tried multiple times to bring her to renounce her faith, but she remained firm, secretly aiding the prisoners and the sick.

When her husband perished at sea, she gave away her estate to the poor and dedicated herself to Christian ministry among Christians suffering for their faith. Most were subjected to extreme pressure and harsh treatment to force them to abandon their faith, some were facing martyrdom. Saint Anastacia gave them guidance and reassurance. She was also healing wounds and easing the plight of the tormented. She is known today as St. Anastasia Pharmakolytria, or Deliverer from Potions.

Her good works made her widely known but also vulnerable to persecution. She was arrested, tortured and burned to death in 290. Her courage and endurance throughout her trials inspired many people to convert to Christ. Today, her relics still help hurt and traumatized people to find healing and peace. Her name is also invoked in prayers for the mentally ill. At Saint Elisabeth Convent, we emulate her example in our ministries among the hospital patients and pray for her intercession on behalf of every sick person.

January 04, 2023
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