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A Father of Monasticism and Teacher of Obedience

Saint Euthymios, the Light of Virtue in a Wilderness

saint Euthymius

Saint Euthymios was a monk renowned for his asceticism and strong faith, bringing the truth of the Christian faith to nonbelievers and converting them to Christ by his example of a virtuous life. Considered one of the fathers of monasticism, he succeeded in the upholding of Christian virtues in monastic life. He believed obedience be the key among them. In his advice to monastics, he said: "Whoever desires to lead the monastic life should not follow his own will. He should be obedient and humble and be mindful of the hour of death. He should fear the judgment and eternal fire, and seek the heavenly Kingdom."

When two monks became overwhelmed with the life of asceticism and decided to escape from the monastery, he admonished them with these words: "We must never admit evil thoughts that fill us with sorrow and hatred for the place in which we live, and suggest that we go somewhere else. If someone tries to do something good in the place where he lives but fails to complete it, he should not think that he will accomplish it elsewhere. It is not the place that produces success, but faith and a firm will. A tree which is often transplanted does not bear fruit."

February 02, 2024
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