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The Christian Martyrs Who Defied Their Oersecutors

St. Paramon and the Christian Martyrs Who Renounced Sacrifice to Idol

Saint Paramon

Together with 370 other Christian martyrs, he suffered for his faith during the persecution of the believers in Christ under the Roman Emperor Decius. The governor of the eastern province of Bithinya put them in prison and subjected them to harsh treatment hoping to convert them to Paganism. Each was promised immediate release if they agreed to worship the idols and offered them a sacrifice.

A local resident named Paramon was not among them, yet he came to the governor and declared himself a Christian. He also condemned the governor's cruelty towards his brethren. For this act of courage, he endured cruel tortures and was beheaded. The other 370 martyrs had the same fate.

December 12, 2023
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