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From an Illiterate Fisherman to a Beloved Bishop

Saint Parthenius of Lampascus, a Beloved Priest and Unmercenary Healer


In his youthful years, Saint Parthenius was a fisherman. He could not read or write, but he went to church, listened to the scripture readings and put to life everything that he heard. He sold fish on the market and gave most of his earnings to the poor. His piety and righteousness earned him numerous gifts of God's grace, most notably, of healing and driving out the demons. News about his outstanding life reached the bishop of his area. He arranged for him to be educated and ordained him as the Bishop of Lampascus.

Lampascus was a city in Asia Minor where almost all residents were Pagans. Yet through his ascetic exploits, charity and miracles of healing and tireless preaching most people were converted to Christianity. An unmercenary, he continued to heal the sick better than doctors, never refusing anyone. His virtue scared away all the demons. According to tradition, a demon that he had once cast out from a poor man begged him to let him come into somebody else, even a pig. The saint replied, "You can come live in me!" The demon ran away in horror crying "I cannot live in a Gods house!"

Thanks to his miracles, Saint Parthenius is now considered the protector and supporter of cancer patients.

February 20, 2024
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