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Sviridov's Penitent Verse Sung by One of Our Choirs

Monastic choir "Anima" performs Sviridov's Penitent Verse

This piece belongs to the pen of Georgy Sviridov, a genius Russian composer. He is renowned for his vocal music – romances, cantatas and choir pieces. His masterpiece works are grounded in the Russian musical tradition, of which church singing is an integral part.

The choral "Penitent verse" was written for the drama "Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich" that narrates the tragedy of Russia's times of trouble in the 16th century. The piece reminds us about the finiteness of our lives, our responsibility to God for our choices, and repentance. Listen to this moving music performed by the choir "Anima" of Saint Elisabeth Convent conducted by Irina Kolesnikova.

December 22, 2021
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