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Church bells acquired with reader donations arrive from the factory

The bells acquired with your donations have arrived

We hurry to bring you the good news - the bells for the church of Saint Sergius of Radonezh have arrived from the factory. We purchased them with the donations from hundreds of people from all over the world. Our shared goodwill is making a difference. What great cause for celebration and joy!

All is ready for the installation of the bells. Soon, they will ring above our farmstead for disadvantaged women and the surrounding countryside. Their chimes will enter the lives of the women residents and inspire them to fight for their new life, their return to God and their salvation.

The bells come on the eve of the feast of Saint Sergius, a beloved saint among the farmstead’s women and monastics. Searching for the purity of spirit, he retired to the depth of the Russian forest. With firm faith and prayer at heart, he endured with patience the severity of the Russian forest and multiple attacks and temptations from the devil. His great ascetic feat still gives us inspiration. He shows us that with God’s help, there is no hardship that we will not overcome, and no temptation that we cannot resist.

new bell
church bell
new bells
church bells

The women at the farmstead need the help of Saint Sergius more than most others. Their troubles are immense, but the strength of their spirit is still limited. Prayer, sacraments and work are sustaining them. We hope that in the ringing of the bells they will hear the kind and reinvigorating words of St. Sergius, inspiring them to persist on their path towards salvation.

The bells are on location. Our hard work to bring them here has strengthened the unity among us. We celebrate this unity as we pray for you in our churches, when you show an interest in our life and take part in it, and when you provide your generous support towards our ministry. We are together, and Saint Sergius of Radonezh is among us.

We are preparing to install the bells in our belltower. The bells will soon chime, and it will be our common victory. Multiple smaller victories have preceded it. When money is so scarce, your every donation towards our cause is a victory. We celebrate your courage, generosity and care, and look forward to many more of our shared victories of the spirit.

A festive liturgy will be served on the feast day of Saint Sergius of Radonezh on October 8. Send your prayer requests online and our sisters will pray for you and your loved ones. Send a prayer request.

October 06, 2021
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