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The Holy Relic and Its Lasting Miracles

The Findings of the Honorable Head of Saint John the Baptist

The Findings of the Honorable Head of Saint John the Baptist

While there are no accounts of any miracles wrought by Saint John the Baptist during his lifetime, multiple miracles with his blessed relics were recorded. Saint John was beheaded on orders from Kong Herod, and his head was disposed of in an “unseemly” place.

According to tradition, Joanna, one of the myrrh-bearing women discovered the head of John the Baptist and buried it honourably in Jerusalem. Years later, Saint John appeared in a vision to two monks who had come to worship the tomb of Christ. He guided them to the burial place of his head.

After this first finding, the monks put the head in a bag and went back to their monastery. On the way, they met a poor potter. Saint John appeared to him in a vision telling him to take the bag from the monks and run with it to his hometown. Upon his return, the potter set up shop and his business prospered. He bequeathed the relic to his sister instructing her to keep it in a chest and never to open it unless instructed by the one who was inside. The relic was passed on through many generations before it was found in a cave outside a monastery by its abbot Marcellus, to whom Saint John had appeared to Marcellius in a dream with instructions on how to find his head.

March 08, 2024
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