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There is nothing secret that will not be made known

February 21, 2022

Our colleagues from our Russian-speaking children's channel contributed this video. Every few days, we invite our young viewers and their parents to engage in story-telling, a fun and rewarding family-oriented activity. For busy parents who spend long hours at work, it is an ideal way to spend quality time with their children. It does not take very long to tell a story – the one in the video is only a few minutes.

Here are a few simple tips that we use to write our stories. First, we choose relatable characters. We choose a teachable moment – a life lesson that we can teach the children without being too preachy or moralizing. Today's story is based on the biblical verse "There is nothing hidden that will not be made known". It is about little a girl who tried to cover up her misdeed by lying to her mother. Listen and find out what happened next. We hope that this video will inspire you to start a storytelling tradition in your family and give you some useful ideas. You can also read an interview (EN, FR) with the author of this story with some further advice.

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2 years ago

Meri Arni

2 years ago
A wonderful story with a deep background! Appeals to children. ❤️