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Eastern Rite of Worship

Where Should I Start to Learn More About the Eastern Rite of Worship?

Roman Catholic

Question: Father Bless Me, I find myself being drawn to the Eastern Rite. I was born and raised Roman Catholic, but something is wrong. My soul is searching for truth. I listen to the orthodox morning prayers on you tube and find them comforting. I want to learn more about the Eastern Rite of Worship and teachings. Where should I start. Thank you most humbly from the USA

Answer: Come to Church. At some point, you will have to decide if the Orthodox Church is the right place for your conversation with God, growth in the spirit and spiritual healing. You should be able to sense the Lord's presence or absence at this church. You can also read books. But most importantly, you should understand that it is right for you. Many become Orthodox in the same way: not by logic, deliberation, and research, but by the workings of the Holy Spirit that make the presence of God visible to us. Catholics, Protestants and many others experienced the descent of the Spirit of God in the Orthodox Church - I have seen it happen many times. Those already at church often take this grace for granted. They lose sight of the closeness to God; the Holy Communion may become less of a miracle for them, and they appreciate less the fullness of spiritual life. But you could be in a position to notice and rejoice at these gifts. So start acting now. Get yourself a prayer book and move beyond listening to the prayers of others. Say the prayers yourself. Begin with reading the morning and evening prayers. I recommend the book "Elder Silouan" by Father Sophronius. It may help you appreciate the beauty of Orthodox church life. It is a fine book that you may find relevant in many ways. Start your spiritual journey, and proceed with God’s help. I know you can find many experienced people to guide you in your spiritual life. May God help you.

June 22, 2022
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