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Glorifying Chants to Holy Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elisabeth

Troparion, Kontakion and Magnification to Holy Royal Martyr Elisabeth

July 27, 2023

Concealing the rank of a princess with humility, О divinelywise Elisabeth, thou didst honor Christ with the twofold service of Martha and Mary. Having purified thyself by charitable works, patience and love, thou wast brought to God as an offering of righteousness. As we venerate thy virtuous way of life and thy sufferings, we earnestly ask thee, as our true teacher: О holy martyr and Grand Duchess Elisabeth, entreat Christ our God to save and enlighten our souls.

Who can tell the greatness of this act of faith? In the depths of the earth the Grand Duchess Elizabeth, the passionbearer, rejoiced with the angels in psalms and hymns, as though she were in the radiance of paradise. As she endured being slain, she prayed aloud for her godless tormentors: Lord, forgive them this sin, for they know not what they do. Through her prayers, О Christ our God, have mercy and save our souls.

We magnify thee, О holy passion-bearers Elisabeth and Barbar, and we honor thy precious sufferings, which thou didst endure for Christ.

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