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Christmas preparations at Saint Elisabeth Convent

Watch how we prepare to celebrate Christmas at our Convent

January 05, 2022

How we wish that you could join us for our celebration of the Nativity of Christ! As always, we are working hard to prepare for the grand celebration. We are decorating our churches, and we have put up a Nativity feast installation, the Vertep, following a centuries-old tradition. The lanes leading to their doors are all alight, showing everyone the way. All are in anticipation of our vigil on Christmas night.

If you cannot visit us this season, have a taste of this splendid time by viewing this video and celebrating with us in the spirit. The beauty of the Nativity is not just in the decorations and the light, but most importantly pin its meaning. We sing about it in our Christmas carol – Christ was not born in a palace, but in a stable; a manger was his cradle, and he came as a baby who depended on people for all his needs, not an almighty being. Yet everyone who came to rejoice in his birth and worship him as God!

Merry Christmas to you, and may Christ be with you forever and ever.

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