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What is Easter to you?

What is Easter to you?

April 24, 2022



To me, Easter is about there being no death. As Christians, we all know this in our minds, but not in our hearts. Easter brings this knowledge into your heart. This is a truly indescribable feeling.

Nun Rufina:

Easter is the death of our old selves and our new birth together with the resurrected Christ.


Easter is everything to me. It is the most important holiday.


Easter is joy. We rejoice because we have lived to this day, when we meet the Lord and see the Sacrifice that he made for us.


I don't even know if it is Christmas or Easter that I like better. I certainly enjoy dyeing eggs and making delicious Easter cakes.


Easter for me is the Resurrection from the dead. I hope that the Lord will resurrect us too.


Not mincing words, it is one of the best days. It reminds me of my childhood and my youth. Now I am a grown man, but while my mother is alive, we gather and celebrate this holiday. It is a family holiday. Why is it important? Because when a family gathers to celebrate, everyone has one thought and one aspiration. We aspire to light, to God, to love and to everything that is good. When everything is good in a family, when the family is together, then it is close to God, then there is joy and love.

Nun Glykeria:

To me, Easter is the Resurrection of my inner life after the death of my own passions. It is a very personal holiday for me. Ultimately, it is the greatest joy in the universe.


Before anything else, it is the most important holiday of the Resurrection. The Feast of life.


Easter is a bright holiday. Everyone prepares for it during Lent. The Feast is approaching, so I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.


This God's grace, a joy given by God. This joy cannot be invented; it cannot come from within. It can be quiet and then also bright.

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2 years ago


2 years ago
Christ is risen!
Thank God for helping me during the lenten season. And thank you, sisters and brothers and clergies of St. Elisabeth convent, for your prayers.

Sr. Anastasia

2 years ago
Dear Ambrose,
Truly He is Risen!
I'm so glad to hear you were with us during trying times of the Great Lent, and now you feel this Paschal overwhelming joy that God grants us. May your year be fruitful and filled with never ending Pachal joy. Glory to God for connecting belivers all over the world!