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Man's Salvation Through the Death of Christ

Why Did Jesus Have to Die in Order to Save Man?

Why did Jesus have to die

Question: Why did Jesus have to die in order to save man?

Answer: The hardest, most painful and responsible phenomenon in our life is death. The world wasn’t created for dying and for people to bury their dead (Cf. Matthew 8: 22), but for people and other living creatures to live and rejoice. When sin entered this world and the man became mortal, only God was able to correct that mistake and defeat death. The man could not do it because his nature was corrupted by sin. That was why God became incarnate as a man and died for all of us.  In fact, God cannot die. The person who obeys God and fulfils his will by enduring suffering till the end will overcome death. That’s why the mystery of our salvation is fulfilled on the Cross. The Cross was the most terrible and deadly tool used for the execution of criminals. So Jesus bore our transgressions and liberated us from the curse of sin. This is why we say, I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. (Ps. 118: 17).

Archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok

June 22, 2022
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