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Galaction and Episteme, Voluntary Martyrs for Christ

Two Betrothed Athletes, Galaction and Modest Episteme

Galaction and modest Episteme

The parents of Galaction were Pagans who had long been unable to conceive a child. A monk came to visit the family and seeing the sadness on the face of Galaction’s mother Leucippe, he told her that her barrenness was God’s providence – God did not want their child to become a worshipper of idols. But she would conceive if she converted to Christ. Leucippe took baptism and eventually gave birth to a son, named Galaction in baptism.

When Galaction grew up, his now-widowed father had him married to a Pagan woman named Episteme. Galaction convinced her to convert to Christ and shared his dream: that they both dedicate their lives fully to God. They arranged to join separate monasteries near to one another.

During the prosecution of Christians, the authorities sent armed guards to Galaction’s monastery. All the monks had fled, but Galaction refused and was seized and led away in chains. Seeing that, Episteme implored the abbess of her monastery to martyr herself by his side. Reluctantly, the abbess agreed, and episteme went to the guards and announced her faith in Christ. Both endured unimaginable torments and died together, praying to the Lord.

November 18, 2023
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