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She Repented and Transformed her Life to the Core

Martyr Eudokia – Turning from Corruption to a Disciple of the Word


The life of Martyr Eudokia is an example of the power of repentance to transform one’s life from unclean to pure, from unbelief to full faith in God. As we read in the prologue to the description of her ascent in God, “Here is a wonderful example of how a vessel of uncleanness can be purified, sanctified and filled with a precious, heavenly fragrance by the grace of the Holy Spirit.”

Eudokia was a woman of fabulous beauty who led an extremely adulterous life. She accumulated great riches received from her numerous lovers. One day, a monk came to stay with her neighbour and at night he began to read from the Scripture. He read the Psalms and the Book of revelation, and Eudokia, who overheard his readings, began to listen in. The words of God sank into her heart, and she spent the whole night standing and listening to the monk. The next evening she invited the monk and asked him to explain to her the Christian faith.  She believed in Christ and took baptism from a local bishop. Then she gave away her possessions, freed her servants and retired to a monastery.

Furious with her decision, her former lovers denounced her as a Christian to the governor of her province. The governor brought her to trial. When she refused to worship the Pagan idols, he had her beheaded.

March 13, 2024
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