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Online Christmas market welcomes friends of Saint Elisabeth Convent

Do your season's shopping at our online Christmas market

online Christmas market

For many years, the sisters of Saint Elisabeth Convent spent their Christmastide visiting church parishes and taking part in fairs. With them, they brought the products of our workshops to share with the world the joy of the Nativity of Christ and raise much-needed funds to support our charitable works and ministries. With its lockdowns and restrictions on travel, the pandemic has changed this and sent us looking for innovative ways to keep in touch and share with you the delight of the Christmas season. As a solution, we launched our online Christmas market initiative. This market is already our second. So feel welcome and enjoy your visit!

Made by hand, with love

Every product comes with the gift of prayer and love from its makers, our clergy and our whole monastic family. We make our products by hand to individual design from natural materials. They come in limited series quickly succeeded by new product lines. No two items are alike, and each is special in multiple ways.

Christmas Tree With Decoration

What we offer

Choose from a wide selection of items and bring the joy of Christmas to your loved ones. We offer:

  • Traditional hand-painted Christmas decorations;
  • Russian Matryoshka dolls;
  • Wooden souvenirs, Verteps, design kits, jewel boxes and greeting cards;
  • Stuffed toys and textile items;
  • Tea sets, table bells, candle holders and other ceramics;
  • Christmas tree decorations, clocks, candle holders and other glass items;
  • CDs with church hymns sung by the choirs of Saint Elisabeth Convent;
  • Children's books, colouring files, and much else.

This year, we are pleased to offer you a new feature—gift box collections of items from our workshops. They will be helpful to those having difficulty deciding what to choose. We have put together a wide variety of gift boxes for children and adults to let you choose your perfect gift!

Doll in Kokoshnik

We deliver by mail and use protective packaging to ensure that even the most fragile item will reach you safely. Because postal services will increase delivery times during peak loads, please order your gift as early as possible.

How your shopping supports our ministry

Since its establishment over twenty years ago, Saint Elisabeth Convent has conducted ministry and charitable work among the patients of the nearby mental health clinic and long-term care facilities for adults and children with physical and mental disabilities. Over the years, we have expanded our charitable activities by launching two shelters ('farmsteads') for disadvantaged men and women, starting several assisted employment workshops for people with mental illness, and putting in place a visiting nurse programme. By patronizing our Christmas market, you support these good works and help those most in need.

On behalf of our whole monastic family, we wish you and your loved ones a bright and joyful Christmas fast that is coming soon. May the light of God's love illuminate your life!

November 26, 2021
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