Yandex Metrika
An Animation Film about the Icon "Joys of All Who Sorrow" with Coins

The Joy of All Who Sorrow icon (with coins) in St Petersburg

- There are some small coins inside. Where do they come from?

- From the Mother of God “Joy of all that sorrow”.

- Does She give them away to everyone?

- No, She does not. At first, there were no coins on Her icon. The icon floated to our city down the river and was revealed to a certain merchant. People flocked to it, each bringing their sorrow. A woman with a sick child came. She had spent all her money on doctors, but nothing helped. Then she brought her last money to the icon, put it in a cup and, suddenly, the boy recovered. The people brought to the icon many of their hard-earned small coins and gave them as gifts from their pure hearts. They marvelled at the wonders that happened and knew that the biggest miracle was yet to come. One day, a thunderstorm struck on a clear day. It became as dark as night. Lightning flashed, and one of its many bolts struck a bell tower, setting everything ablaze.

- It must have been horrible.

- On the contrary. It was God’s mercy. A great secret was revealed. This last money, the small change that people had been bringing, the Mother of God took with Her. When the fire was finally put out, everybody saw that the icon "Joy of all who sorrow” was unaffected, but there were now 12 shining coins in its riza. It became clear that these coins were not small changes, but precious gems.

Production: ANO "Creative workshop "LIK"
Stage director: Natalia Fedchenko
Screenwriter: Ekaterina Kalikinskaya
Production designer: Natalia Fadeeva
Composer: Natalia Vysokikh
Music by Valery Gavrilin
Producer: Vadim Kreinin

August 04, 2023
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