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We Celebrate the Memory of St. Nicholas

The word of FR Andrey (Lemeshonok), confessor of St Elisabeth Convent

The word of FR Andrey Lemeshonok

We celebrate the memory of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (December 19 o.s.), who entered our souls and joined our lives. It is hard to imagine that a saint like this would have never existed. His heart, both in life and after his ascent from this earthly world, was filled with the love of Christ as there was pain in his heart for everyone who turned to him. Today he is at the Throne of God invisibly praying for us... 

There are so many people that turn to him! But how can you help everyone? How do you support everyone? How do you comfort everyone? The great Saint succeeds. Very likely, each of us in certain life circumstances have felt his actual help, his intercession, his protection, his mercy. When situations seemed to be hopeless, when there were no earthly solutions, he came to the rescue... We can testify that his love empathetically treats all our flaws, blunders, mistakes, our inconstancy! I am able to see this both in our convent and in my life. 

Therefore, let us ask that St. Nicholas does not abandon his heavenly intercessions and that he corrects what we are doing wrong. Let us ask him to instruct us to do every good deed, so that by his prayers we dare to do the works of God here and now and not think: "How can this happen?", "And how can this be done – in what ways, by what means?" And we believe that today the prayers of this wondrous saint help us until the end of our earthly life! Then, of course, there will be a meeting with him, if we get into the Kingdom of Heaven... It will be interesting for us to look at St. Nicholas, get to know him and thank him for his support in our lives. 

celebrate the memory of St Nicholas

And today we prayerfully venerate the icon (there is a fragment of his holy relics in it – bodily St. Nicholas is here with us) and ask for his intercession. 

Help everyone and save us all our Lord!

Send us your prayer requests for Akathist to St. Nicholas Wonderworker that we read every Sunday.

December 19, 2021
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